October 17, 2021

Wolfe Tones GAC

An Caisleán Glas

Ladies & Girls Football

Ladies Gaelic Football is a modified version of Gaelic Football played by women across Ireland and throughout the world. Originally established in 1974, Cumann Peil na mBán, now the Ladies Gaelic Football Association, has seen phenominal growth over the last 45 years. Teams are organised at club, county and educational establishments.

The Gaelic4Mothers&Others initiative is an innovative way to introduce mothers and other women to playing Ladies Gaelic Football. Mothers often drop their kids to training and call back to collect them, but the Ladies Gaelic Football Association wants to change that.

The G4MO initiative sees women playing Ladies Gaelic Football in a fun, non-competitive and social environment. Gaelic4Mothers&Others provides an opportunity for women to get their recommended weekly exercise in a fun way while meeting other mothers in the area.

The initiative has proved hugely popular with women of all ages and has taken off in all 32 counties with success stories popping up all over the country. For example in the Hurling County of Kilkenny the Conahy Shamrocks Club has attracted over 60 women to participate in the initiative.

Additionally, if there is sufficient interest, Wolfe Tones GAC may use this as a platform to launch a senior ladies team.

The G4MO programme starts on Sunday 2nd May 2021 at 11am at The Valley V36.

The G4MO initiative is about getting adult players into the game, and if you think that’s impossible just look at our men’s team – around a third of whom had not played Gaelic Football until a year ago.

The video below give an insight into the G4MO programme.