June 16, 2024

Wolfe Tones GAC

An Caisleán Glas


What is Wolfe Tones GAC?

Wolfe Tones Gaelic Athletic Club is a sports club based in the Greencastle District of North Belfast. We are the fastest growing Gaelic Sports club in North Belfast & Newtownabbey and have members from all over Ireland.

Orignally founded in 1935, Wolfe Tones was reborn in 2019 and aims to provide sporting opportunities for people living in North Belfast.

The sports we currently offer are Gaelic Football and Ladies Gaelic Football.

We currently offer training for children and adults, as well as social Gaelic Games for those who do not wish to play competitively.

What are Gaelic Games?

There are 6 main Gaelic Games, administered by three sporting bodies:

The Gaelic Athletic Association administers Gaelic Football, Hurling, Rounders and Handball, the LGFA administers Ladies Gaelic Football and the Camogie Association is responsible for Camogie.

What is Gaelic Football?

Gaelic Football is a sport played in Ireland since the 16th Century. Its origins are similar to that of other football codes around the world.

The game is played with a ball slightly larger and heavier than a soccer ball by teams of 15 players. Players can use their hands and their feet to pass the ball and score points.

It is the largest spectator sport in Ireland and teams are organised across the country and throughout the world.

What is Hurling?

Hurling is Ireland’s national sport and has been played on this island since prehistoric times. Indeed, hurling is mentioned extensively in irish mythology and was the game played by the legendary Setanta, who used his hurling stick and ball to kill the Culainn’s hound, therefore becoming Cú Chulainn – The Hound of Ulster.

It was codified in 1884 with rules and scoring similar to Gaelic Football and is the dominant Gaelic Game played in County Antrim, but not throughout the rest of Ulster.

Wolfe Tones are currently developing plans for future hurling provision within the club.

What is Rounders?

Rounders is one of the four sports included in the original GAA Charter of 1884. It is a game similar to baseball where players strike a ball with a stick and attempt to score runs.

Rounders is not currently played in 7 of the 9 counties of Ulster however attempts are being made to revive it.

What is Handball?

Handball is a game similar to racquetball or squash, only without the racquets. It is played by several clubs in County Antrim but Wolfe Tones does not currently offer this code.

What is Ladies Gaelic Football?

Ladies Gaelic Football is the ladies version of the men’s game. It is is a non-contact sport but is by no means less competitive.

It is administered by the LGFA, an organisation with ties to, but separate from, the Gaelic Athletic Association.

Wolfe Tones has applied for LGFA membership in 2021.

What is Camogie?

Camogie is the Ladies version of Hurling and is administered by the Camogie Association.

Wolfe Tones is currently developing plans to have Camogie offered in the club in future.


Scór is the cultural wing of the Gaelic Athletic Association and promotes céilí dancing, singing, acting, and quizzes.

Wolfe Tones is currently developing a Scór programme.