May 28, 2024

Wolfe Tones GAC

An Caisleán Glas


GAA Rounders is one of the four official GAA sports included in the original GAA charter back in 1884 along with Gaelic Football, Hurling and Handball.

Wolfe Tones GAC is the only club in County Antrim to offer GAA Rounders and one of only 3 clubs in the 6 Counties.

Rounders is a bat and ball game and is not that dis-similar to baseball. Indeed it is now generally accepted that Baseball is derived from Rounders in some form or other, as it has been played on this island for a couple of hundred years now and was probably brought over to America by the early settlers.

Rounders sessions will take place at The Valley V36 on Sundays at 12:30pm and Monday at 6:00pm.

The rules of rounders are available here: