June 16, 2024

Wolfe Tones GAC

An Caisleán Glas

Press Release – Condition of Valley 3G

Press Release

Wolfe Tones GAC disgusted at continued poor condition of Valley 3G pitch.

For the past few months, Wolfe Tones GAC have been concerned at the condition of The Valley 3G with discarded water bottles being left on the pitch however in recent weeks the condition has deteriorated with medical waste and food packaging being dumped.

This morning (Sunday 12 September) we arrived to find (what we hope) is dog excrement smeared on the portable goal posts used by our underage members, some of whom are as young as three years of age.

The club is now calling on AN Borough Council to explain why the pitch cannot be kept in a suitable condition and how it is secured to prevent the kind of vandalism we have witnessed this morning.