May 28, 2024

Wolfe Tones GAC

An Caisleán Glas

Wolfe Tones get G4MO underway

This past Sunday in Greencastle, Wolfe Tones GAC kicked off their Gaelic for Mothers and Others with a sizeable group at the Valley V36.

Taking the first step to learn the art of Gaelic football in a fun and non-competitive environment, most of the participants had never played football before but wasted no time in getting stuck in to learning.

For Wolfe Tones GAC, this adds another valuable element to Gaelic Sunday in Greencastle – an area where Gaelic games structures were absent until the resurrection of the Tones in 2019. The club is steadily building a structure that permits everybody, regardless of age or gender, to participate in Gaelic games and culture. Although Wolfe Tones GAC are still in the earliest days of their journey, the club members have put their shoulder to the wheel and quietly went about rebuilding the historic club in the Greencastle area. This has included creating an anchor session every Sunday that brings 150 Gaels together every week to participate in Gaelic games. G4MO is the latest addition to this vibrant Gaelic Sunday.

Wolfe Tones GAC Chairperson Stephen McCourt commented:

“Wolfe Tones GAC has a genuine commitment to including the entire community in Gaelic games and culture. Our recent affiliation to the Ladies Gaelic Football Association, the development of our underage girl’s section and starting Gaelic for Mothers and Others highlights that commitment. We want all women and girls in this part of the world to get involved with the club and drive it on as members, players, coaches, volunteers and administrators.”

Wolfe Tones GAC Secretary Angela McIvor also commented:

“The atmosphere at the G4MO session was incredible and the feedback received from the girls was amazing. The number of women and girls involved in the club is growing on a weekly basis and we have planned to keep that trajectory going upward. G4MO is a great opportunity for us to show that Gaelic games are for everybody. Thanks to seasoned coach Enda McAtamney for taking the session to get us started.”